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6 Vital Content Marketing Trends

Evolving in 2020 Creating content that converts leads to sales to build your companies brand in 2020? Then let's talk about these 6 trends:


  1. Content Marketing Strategy
  2. Authentic Content Creation
  3. Voice Control and Voice-navigated Search
  4. Interactive Elements in your content plan
  5. Automated Content Analysis
  6. Content Marketing Strategy Powered by AI

1. A Solid Content Marketing Plan 

60% of businesses do not have a content marketing plan/strategy. That means that a majority of business owners are building content without a clear strategy behind it. If you do not have a clear, focused content marketing plan, you are in dangerous territory because you are very likely to create content that is not on par with your brand's business values. Building a solid plan/strategy is an apparent necessity. 


2. Authentic Content Creation 

Authentic content drives customers from search engines to your Webpage, where you can convert these leads to sales. But the material has to be relevant, original, and useful to your customer. Please do not copy content and publish it as yours. Key decision-makers are avoiding clickbait, and those tricky approaches are only a cheap way to get ahead of the competition. But only for a short amount of time as search engine algorithms are getting better by the day - SEO techniques that work today may get you a lousy ranking with the next Google Update. 

On the other hand, authentic content will look better in your audience's eyes by valuing their time, needs, and requests. 


3. Voice Control and Voice-navigated Search 

The number of voice searches makes up 50% of all mobile queries, and the numbers are rising. What does that mean for content marketing? For the future content will shift to how we speak and adapt to natural language searchings. With the latest update installed to Google Search engine called BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), it is easier for Google to find better search results for natural language questions. ArtikelSchreiber uses the same technology for processing thousands of new articles per month - so it is compelling. Overall, content marketing will shift to speech more than formal writing; it must also answer questions that readers are searching for. 

The Questions and answering format of Google ("cards") based on their knowledge graph will become even more popular. Every Webpage can profit by using a mark-up with the following example from Google itself


4. Interactive Elements in your content plan 

How are people are more interacting with your webpage content? Keep it interactive! Use gamification, quizzes, and user-generated content. The advantages of interactive, digital articles include positive brand experience, personalization, higher social engagement, and higher conversion, which means higher revenue. 


5. Automated Content Analysis 

Forbes found out that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest game-changers of content marketing as it provides insights about the audience, their interests, and perceptions. With that knowledge, you can create more powerful targeted content for your audience. Automated content analysis sourcing trillions of data points on the open web platform AI can analyze your multimedia content based on your brands/company's goals. These data points are generated by billions of people every day, which can help drive your market research. 

You can use AI to quantify which words are best in the title, and in your articles, this improves your items. Automated AI analysis is also for longer bodies of text. 


6. Content Marketing Strategy Powered by AI 

Is Google using machine learning and artificial intelligence by their Knowledge Graph for determining rankings? Google is capable of using AI to supply its customers with the search results that match the web user's needs at most. They make sure their audience can easily find the content that they are looking for. It means that user experience is part of the success of Google - if you focus on creating experiences for your users by including meta description, keywords, layout, and call to action buttons in a way your customer's needs and intentions are then Google is very likely to drive more traffic to your webpages. 

If you are creating long-form content, why not try to create shorter formats for social media? If you are using Twitter and Facebook, try to publish video content on YouTube and profit from the 5 billion videos that receive viewed daily. 


Summary: Identify Content Marketing Trends and focus your work on these objectives: These are some trends to define 2020 and the future years. Content marketers should try new things and, if they work, optimize them - to see if they work. Some trends will be a necessity, like setting up a content marketing strategy/plan - so start today!




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